Are you intimidated by that glossy new paint job on your new car? You know that as soon as you wash it, the finish is going to start to look dull. This is due to a scratch on the clear coat. So let’s see how we can avoid these tiny scratches that make your shiny car’s clear coat look dull.

Those fine scratches and swirls are actually inflicted from hand washing your car. The dirt that you are trying to wash off is actually grinding into your clear coat. Therefore, before you start scrubbing your car, take a water hose and wash off as much dirt and grime as you can.

Next, you’ll want to have two buckets. One for your wash solution and one for plain water. As you wash your car with your wash mitt, rinse the mitt in the plain water first to dislodge the dirt and grit, then into your bucket of cleaning solution.

Be sure to use wash mitts of the softest quality you can find and always use quality cleaning products that are made for car washing, not dish detergent or whatever you have on hand.

When you dry, try to pat dry as opposed to dragging the towel across the surface.

And, don’t forget the sunscreen! A good car wax (ASI’s Spray and Shine) will protect that paint job from the harsh rays of the sun. Check out all of our other Auto Care products on our website at

Written by Donna Woiteshek-Barkley and Christina Rae Blackmon

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