Fishing is one of the best outdoors and a passion which is unmatched in its following all over the world. Millions of anglers gather everyday on waters to seek the pleasure of a “bite”, the amazing feeling of a monster fish speeding the line out of their screaming reels, bent rods under the tug of a fighting fish and to escape from the rut of everyday life. There is no activity so jealously followed as angling by the hardcore anglers.

Fishing is broadly categorized into two basic classes, fresh water fishing and salt water fishing. Though the baseline of each type of fishing is the same, landing a fish for pleasure or platter but the techniques followed in each of the fishing types vary owing to many reasons.

What makes Salt Water Fishing Amazing?

Salt water fishing is considered to the extreme sport in angling. The size, fight and the variety of fish in open oceans is the key reason. Whether you are angling from shore for small mackerel or deep see rigging for Blue fin Tuna, you are always in for a surprise monster bite (one which surpasses your tackle and angling skill by miles). The element of uncertainty about the bite size makes salt water fishing the most exciting of all the fishing variants.  But this just one of the factors as the diversity in fishing conditions, variety of lures and immensity of fishing techniques add an entire new dimension to charms of salt water fishing.

This is an introductory article to introduce users with some of the basic lures used in salt water fishing. Before we proceed any further to give you an introduction to basic salt water lures, it is important to understand that why you need different lures when the purpose is just to land a fish.

Why do you need to use different lures for different fish?

Sea is a very wide expense of water and different verities of fish populate different places in sea depending upon many factors (like water temperature, depth and lay of the sea floor). Some live close to the shoreline while other varieties frequent only deep stretches of the sea.

Depending upon their habitat and feeding habits, fish feed on different types of prey. So these very divergent factors would primarily decide the type of lure you use to target the fish you are looking for.

Apart from the type of fish you are targeting, the nature and type of fishing gear you own would also matter in your choice of lures (there is hardly a type of fishing rod or reel which can support usage of all kind of lures).

Different types of Salt Water Lures

Lures are artificial imitations of the natural prey of your target fish. They are some sometimes a true replica of your target fish natural prey (true to form, color and appearance). In other cases, a lure may not be even closely resembling to the natural prey but mimic the color only and produce certain visual or acoustic effects to arouse the fish into bite mode. Whatever be the philosophy of a lure design, it must lure in a fish to attack and bite. Some of the most popular lures in salt water fishing are (irrespective of fish type or fishing technique):

  • Spoons in all shapes and sizes
  • Spinners of all kind
  • Jigs
  • Skirts
  • Crank baits
  • Lipped and bibbed plugs
  • Poppers
  • Minnows
  • Plastic imitations
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